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humanitarian cases
photography, interviews, 1994 photography and video (1994)

humanitarian humanitarian humanitarian humanitarian

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(Fragments from the interview with accidental people)
- The person in the wheelchair is more collected and thoughtful; the other is like an aggressive animal, she’s standing. The first one seems very kind. This is really interesting, the way nature is unjust: from the point of view of an ordinary person, who doesn’t think about reincarnation and such things, which you are it’s simply a lottery.
- You may think about it, but you never do it. This is the kind of thing you have nightmares about. Nobody would like to be someone who is naked and pushing this wheelchair. This double dependence, the meaning is really unpleasant. The thesis is shocking, the antithesis impossible to state, and the synthesis is the shock of the recipient. I don’t know if this is going to make people think about the handicapped rather than about you whether you yourself are not handicapped, if you create such things, You’re in the situation of the woman in the wheelchair.
- People’s aggression will be directed against the pretty woman, blaming her. This is subconscious, the way people are going to feel about her. This beautiful woman symbolises you, and in this relation people are the handicapped person, they’re going to dislike you for it. They want to stay away from it, they don’t like seeing their weaknesses exposed. By creating a situation of this kind you make them think and look for an interpretation.