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lola- a hearing-sight-smell production
video-inastallation 19931993)


see also video (wmv 10,3 MB )

Poland, Cracow, Chodowieckiego Street 5, apt#7. Monday, 1993.09.20, 8,30a.m. I am taking a hot, aromatic bath, I can hear the song Lola sung by the Kings, broadcasted by the RFM Radio Station. This is a reconstruction of a certain passing psychic state, realised in a particular, accidental moment of being. Technical description: Two chosen fragments of the film, lasting only a few seconds, will be multiplied and registered on two separate video tapes. One will be projected onto the whole floor area, the other onto the ceiling. A repeating fragment of the song's chorus will be heard. Aromatic vapours will spread around the room. P.S. Heartily thanks to Marcin Jędrych for his fantastic memory which enabled him to recall the exact time of the broadcasting of the song Lola by the RMF Radio Station.
A. Jaros