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video-interview nterview w ith Mietek Jarzab (19 3 1992-93 Zakopane 1992-93

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a paranoid man's inside



pictures from video with the english text

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Mietek on the street ( 30,7 MB )

Because there is a tactical life on Earth. There is life of the Sun on Earth and people are little suns, they travel from the planet Sun here to Earth and they are sun mass, and back here on Earth they change into a human being and the same human flies back to the Sun.

Because people are lights. So it is emitted. Life is emitted with the solar energy, with the speed of sun rays, the same life as there is with the speed of light. ; actually we don't know if it's with the speed of light, or with the force of light... it has already been a mystery

If he made a camera of amber plates, even a whole one out of amber place, and there would be an entire receiver of amber. The glasses might be such as they are, a glass can even be ( as the amber is transparent) an amber glass, and the tape can be made of amber as well because out of transparent amber you can make a tape just the same and add silver bromide on one side and you can make a film this way just the same. Because if he recorded it on the tape, not, on an amber tape from an amber camera, then if the black spot entered the tape it would be visible, this black spot, these black villi, you'd know who is who then.

I like travelling in the Universe most
- and how do you travel?
- with thoughts, I think about everything and I like to know something then, because I travel with thoughts.